Crystal Olivarria
Help Your Child Make Better Career Decisions
Prevent Bad Decisions That Cause Heartache
Your child is your whole life. I can’t think of anything worse then your child going to college and disliking their career path and then having to get a job he or she hates just to pay the bills month by month. Your child is being encouraged to attend college but is receiving little to no guidance on how to select a career that utilizes your child’s talents and abilities.
Dennis Langlais Talks with: Crystal Olivarria

PUBLISHED: 1/30/2018   DURATION: 19:22   SIZE: 26.66 MB

Experts in their chosen career. The students Crystal works with develop confidence and practice leadership skills. Students represent themselves well and become self advocates as they refine their ability to communicate. Clients regularly say things like ““I remember talking to Crystal and she gave me some really good feedback and pointers” and “I am very grateful for Crystal’s help because I did get into the REU internship and it really boosted my confidence. I would be ready for another interview if I had one.”
I Help People With:
Your child needs tools to select a relevant career and make better career decisions. Learning how to use and master the right tools will make your child’s life more enjoyable and financially rewarding. Crystal teachs your family how to use these tools in a fun, simple and easy way.

Takeaways from Today's Episode:
These are 7 Ways you can immediately help your child make better career decisions starting today. These seven tips can be used regardless of what age or stage of life your child is in. These 7 tips will continue to provide guidance to your family over the years as your child matures.
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