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Play for a Big Idea & Wake Up Your Wow
Banish Marketing Fright or Flight
We live in the 21st Century of the Short Attention Span. It's a frequent complaint among business owners, not-profit groups, and people with a passionate purpose to share. What prevents people from having the impact they want: MARKETING OVERWHELM: Business owners and solopreneurs get stopped, even frozen, by so much overwhelm about marketing. STAGE FLIGHT OR FRIGHT: Anyone presenting live has just split seconds to deliver a message that spotlights what is compelling for their audience. So much pressure, so little time. I am The Wow Whisperer, inspiring people to wake up their wow.
Dennis Langlais Talks with: Diane A Curran

PUBLISHED: 12/26/2017   DURATION: 29:54   SIZE: 41.43 MB

Diane has condensed 45 years of marketing branding expertise into a biz book trilogy "The Marketing Deck." Designed for the 21st Century Mindset so players get an instant jumpstart to be in action with an easy way to access hundreds of creative ideas with information, inspiration and intuition. Diane has distilled 4200+ presentations she has done in a wide array of business and creative venues - from boardroom to mystical mountaintops in Peru. She guides clients to stand out in a crowd while being true to their unique, authentic and natural personality, and purpose.
Testimonial #1
What a terrific concept! Marketing needs exactly what this book offers an easy way to stimulate inspiration, intuition and inventive thinking. Author Diane A. Curran has a passion for elevating marketing with vision, purpose and creativity. The Marketing Deck sparkles with ideas, energy and what's too often missing in business planning fun!" Dr. Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author, The Awakened Millionaire and more www.MrFire.com
Testimonial #2
Diane is amazing. She looks into your soul and finds the best way present it to the world. WOW says it!! M.C., Licensed Massage Therapist
Problem you solve
Transforming MARKETING OVERWHELM: Banishing overwhelm gives your inborn creativity room to surface and claim its rightful role within you. The best way to do this? Play! It's magic for kids, and works even more powerfully to free adults from habits that trap us in dead-end thinking. With The Marketing Deck, you'll be ready to BE The Deal. Transforming STAGE FLIGHT OR FRIGHT: From a private conversation for two to tiny crowd of just a few, or from a sit-down dinner to an auditorium in rapt attention with all eyes on you, you have something wonderful to offer any size crowd. They are yours for a unique moment in time. The Wow Whisperer Is In, to get you crowd-ready.

Client Success Example
This client had a tough two-fold challenge: How could she mount her live doctoral dissertation defense with a slide presentation that would properly present her thesis, yet not be a boring snooze. Her subject was gut-wrenching, yet we did not want her audience to go into emotional shock, either. I fulfilled the challenge by creating a carefully paced cascade of visuals that allowed her to weave a compelling story while making each point rise and shine in support her speaking fully commanding center stage. "To Diane Curran, author, consultant, artist, designer - you visually elevated my work into the stratosphere. All I can say is wow. Just, wow!" - J.J.H. successful Ph.D. candidate.

Value Action steps
I can provide to your audience: 1. Solving MARKETING OVERWHELM: Deal Yourself a Big Idea With relaxing simplicity, Diane's system uses her classic cards with a twist to get instant access to hundreds of marketing tools and techniques. Value add for the audience: They learn a simple system to clear obstacles to creativity using cards, intuition, and a speedy 6-sentence action plan. Learn a streamlined 6-Sentence Marketing Campaign Plan you can write in less than 15 minutes. 2. Solving STAGE FLIGHT OR FRIGHT: Wake Up you're Wow! Are you crowd-ready? Or are your true superpowers invisible to them, and even to yourself? Value add for the audience: They learn about mastering the On-Off switches that make it possible to stand out authentically in a crowd of any size. Learn 3 Tips Today to "Find W
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