Paula Brown
Sketch Quest: Finding Your Purpose
How to lead with your WHAT by creating purposeful pictures.
I am a Heartist with my business of Chi-Lightful; graphic facilitator and purpose coach who draws out literally and figuratively the "WHAT" heart story for authentic leaders, empowering them to put the true-North heartbeat back into their lives and business. My heart questing was born by my heart stopping. My unique life stories and after death experience lit my purpose quest skills, and forged my belief that the masterpiece of your story is your heart, your purpose. I am hired by leaders to intuitively uncover unique "essence" using both pictures and purpose discovery. Emerging from Brand Creative Director for international clients, I marry both intuition and strategic process for influencers to discover, and communicate their "what". My Sketch Questing and purpose coaching takes my clients into focused clarity...out of the frustration of knowing their vision and not being able to communicate it.
Dennis Langlais Talks with: Paula Brown

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Words of Praise for Paula: "Here's what you should know about working with Paula Brown: With Paula, you don't get a wrist. You get a brain. She's quick on the uptake. Groks the content. Has great marketing instincts. Knows what a presenter needs-and nails it the first time. Project after project, Paula has translated torrents of my (often non-linear) words into clear, clean images that communicated complex ideas powerfully. She's fast and she's smart. Do yourself a favor and hire her." David Morgenstern / President and Creative Director The Morgenstern Company, Inc.
Testimonial #1
Paula did phenomenal work in our Sketch Quest session by taking the vision out of my head into focused picture summary so I could clearly articulate it to my team and my audience. Most importantly I now have a touchstone to keep me on track to my true north. The sketches were priceless. Eiji Morishita / Founder of Movement Makers / Los Angeles, CA
Testimonial #2
Paula has the ability to take complex subject matter, digest it and present it in a form and fashion that one can easily understand in our 35-second society. Her "Sketch Quest" private consultations put key issues into keen focus. The expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words" is an analogy to Paula's new business. As a visual storyteller, her images often say what words cannot. Imagery is universal and has no language barriers, her sketches represent the true essence of the event, provoking thought and often times providing solutions. Paul Siman / CEO / Patient Advocacy
Problem you solve
The problem of launching or evolving a purpose based business is the frustration of having a BIG idea or DREAM and not being able to communicate it to others and also having deep doubts of success. Doing a sketch quest per "problem" reveals the pros, cons, defines the true values, challenges, direction, needs, style and purpose in clear non-intimidating picture story. Leaders can lead with communicating their WHAT, establish honest authentic transparency for problems and solution finding which include EVERYONE. The frustration of "stuck" gets relieved so Leaders by communicating their heart WHAT inspire their followers to do the same...creating a safe and growth-oriented workspace and quality of life for all they lead. Purposeful pictures translate complex ideas into simple visual form, encourage inclusive participation, loyalty, understanding, brainstorming, new co-operation. Sketch Questing breaks down walls!

Client Success Example
Working with a CEO for Financial Services who desired to evolve her business into an authentic company I was called upon to do a sketch journal for her first 3 day Transformational Retreat in Kona, HA. This turned out to be an event where I was also asked impromptu to facilitate segments as the retreat organically evolved. I became the sketch "recorder" of teachings, environment, and experience as well as a teacher using my own talents as purpose coach and shaman to help folks bridge mind and heart to come into AHA moments of transformation using new found statements of their WHAT. The retreat was a big success with the sketch summary now used as a touchstone for lessons, experience, developing a new mastermind launch, and personal friendships! The work validated the CEO's new direction, confirmed new alliances based on her actualizing her authentic path to lead others to manifest purpose driven goals into 6 figure business all driven from the unique platform of their WHAT.

Value Action steps
Sketch Questing; putting purpose into pictures is a way of showing that your heart is smarter than your mind. 3 reasons why leading via heart purpose by SHOWING your unique WHAT and ideas WORKS. Why finding and showing the emotional core is the smartest logic for effective "on purpose" leadership in life and business. Using the universal language of pictures reveals that thinking from your heart and feeling from your mind is the smartest logic for effective "on purpose" leadership in life and business. It's all about finding the extraordinary in what many see as ordinary. Questing and telling one's own life "AHA" purposeful picture stories is a game changer for leadership; inspiring, reaching and sharing single focused clarity, touching, moving, and magnetizing enthusiastic teams, audiences, and cultures. How leaders then can ignite their followers WHAT, gaining loyalty, understanding, cutting the fat from process, growing industry and profit, making change positive!
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