Davide Di Giorgio
Speaker & TEDx Coach encourages all his clients to be unapologetic on and off stage...
Become a visionary speaker leader of your own on purpose and on fire tribe. Attract the right people to you.
In today's episode I will encourage you to follow a path that full of authenticity, self love so when you appear on a stage the best of you comes out with simplicity and ease which will attract a tribe custom chosen for you. Be unapologetic and absolutely real and watch what happens. Double down if you will when your self confidence drops and that's where the magic will happen.
Dennis Langlais Talks with: Davide Di Giorgio

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2018   DURATION: 28:46   SIZE: 39.59 MB

Davide isn't afraid to challenge you!
Not only is he very informed, he's able to teach in a way that is accessible, relatable and so funny. His humility is magnetic! He has a tenderness and a kindness, but equally, he isn't afraid to challenge 'you' with 'you'!

Poppy Sprague - Psychologist
He's not one to dish out fluff...
Davide Di Giorgio spoke at our networking mixer. He is a very unique, amazing speaker. He's not one of those who gives you all the fluff - he gets you thinking. Everyone was so captivated. Everyone was leaning in to listen to what he had to say next. He can really work a crowd - to actually leave a lasting impact for your audience.

Stephen Dela Cruz - CEO Stegela Success Mastery
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Client Success, Carson - Speaker, Leadership Development Coach
I have been a mediator, trainer, coach, and teacher for 6 years. I have talked on stages and in front of hundreds of groups. When I started working with Davide, I instantly became more connected to myself, my material, and my vision.

I realized that speaking is not a formula that you can just follow for each speech. Davide dropped the cookie cutter success formula others have sold me, leading me into my vision and heart. I was so distracted and focused on what everyone else was doing in their talks, but in reality, I had incredible stories and experiences in me that Davide strategically pulled out.

Through his questions, authenticity, compassion, and being unapologetic I came up with an edgy talk that is timeless and so ME!

Whether you are an experienced speaker or someone just starting out, you must talk to Davide. He will support you in creating, not just a talk, but an experience for the audience where they will be moved to take action.

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